Within the series SLIDES Daniel Voelker presents various places, everyday life & banal situations and female nudes. He scans original photographic film and covers the central motifs with digital raster graphics. Hence Voelker challenges the abstract term “content” according to its ambiguity. The slides are usually damaged from dust, fingerprints, scratches, light and moisture. In SLIDES these “deficiencies” contrast with the accurate raster graphics, which were placed on the scans. Voelker creates tensions: old vs. new, analogue vs. digital, perfection vs. imperfection. “Through the juxtaposition of opposites the charm of the defect is visible.“ says Voelker.

Within the photograph the subject matter is already lost. In a further step Voelker removes the form. By means of different colour values of the raster graphics, the viewer can vaguely perceive the defaced main subject of the photography, but not fully comprehend it. Thus, the original object is no longer defined, or in case of the nudes not recognisable anymore.The photograph has lost its core message and the context is changed.The abstracted, empty space can be filled with new interpretations.