Daniel Voelker was born in 1977 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

He studied photography at the "Fachakademie für Fotodesign" in Munich from 2000-2003.

Over the years, Daniel Voelker has worked on numerous art projects in Europe and abroad. 

In 2004, he moved to Sydney, Australia to work on a project, "Crossover", that was eventually unveiled and showcased during Miami Basel.

His most recent series was created while living in Bali and Munich, over the past 5 years. 
"Stamp Mosaics", are massive, labor intensive, iconic portraits created using thousands of vintage postage stamps. Each work takes approximately 3-6 months to create.

Voelker's artworks are in major private art collections and have been featured in prominent publications, such as The Economist and L'Official Homme. 

Daniel Voelker lives and works between Germany and the United States.